Create A Designated Work Space — Your Brain Needs It

Jim Kwik
5 min readApr 10, 2020
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Creating our own space is vital when working from home. But the benefits of having a curated workspace extend far beyond our working environment. Designing hobby areas, curating family rooms, even organizing our laptop, all have amazing benefits for our brain. And while we’re working from home, having these designated areas helps maintain normalcy along with creating a strict divide between our work life and our home life.

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Keep It Consistent

A famous 1975 study asked scuba divers to memorize random words while underwater and then again on land. When the divers were tested on these words, researchers found that the divers were more likely to remember the words they’d learned underwater if they were asked to remember them underwater. Conversely, they were more likely to remember the words they’d learned on land if they were asked to remember them on land.

When we’re transitioning to work from home, our environment is disrupted. And this is why it becomes so important to set up our workspace with items we associate only with work. Having household items directly in our line of sight or on the table next to where we’re working can distract us, taking us out of a working mindset and into our home mindset. It’s important to surround ourselves with items that will cue our brain into that specific work state of mind, inducing us to be as productive as possible. Some examples could be bringing photos from our desk home. If there’s certain sticky notes or pens we use while working, make sure to have those nearby. Use music as a way to maintain focus without falling into the routine of the household.

Using consistency helps the brain pick up on the environment to determine where to focus. No matter if it’s work or play, keeping separate areas in the home will enhance the moods and productivity of everyone.

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Make It Enjoyable

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